How do foods cause bad breath?

Everyone knows that certain foods have a reputation for causing bad breath. Two of the most notorious ones are garlic and onions.

When we eat our digestive system breaks the food we have consumed down in to its component molecules, some of which have very unpleasant and characteristic odors. As these molecules are created they are absorbed into our circulatory system so they can subsequently be distributed throughout the remainder of our body as nourishment.

As our blood travels through our lungs some of these molecules will be released into them. As a result, as we exhale our breath will contain some of these offending molecules, thus producing breath malodor.

While this type of bad breath can be annoying or embarrassing, this is not the type of breath problem we discuss on the subsequent pages of this topic. Bad breath caused by the consumption of certain foods will resolve on its own in a day or so as your body completes the process of breaking down and utilizing, or else excreting, the offending molecules. You can control this type of breath problem simply by regularly consuming Go Fress oral care strips.