Delayed Aging Process with Strawberry

Do you know why strawberry is made as the love symbol on the ancient Greek era? Is it because its 'love' shape? Evidently, the answer is no. Strawberry is made as the love symbol by the ancient Greek people due to its color, flavor, and its benefit for human being, especially for beauty and health. Curious?

Roman people categorized strawberry as herbal plant because it is rich with vitamin, folic and potassium source. One ounce of strawberry contains more vitamin C than one ounce citron orange. Like the others berry family, strawberry also contains phytochemicals that can act as a great antioxidant. Antioxidant will bind free radical so it can prevent disease uprising and delay aging process.

Not only that, strawberry also contains ellagic acid as antioxidant. On some studies, ellagic acid is proved could inhibit tumor growth in lung, esophagus, breast, cervix, and tongue. While a research in America verified that strawberry could decrease cancer risk and disease that caused by cigarette smoke. As traditional medicine, strawberry is believed to contain antibacterial compound and it have been used as digestive system cleanser.

By consuming eight strawberries each day, the need of vitamin C and fiber for adult is sufficed. Strawberry contain 56,7 mg vitamin C  per 100 g. With that much of vitamin C, strawberry is believed could decrease cancer risk to 37 percent. Beside that strawberry is also believed could prevent breast and cervix cancer risk.

Strawberry also has an excellent therapeutic effect for preventing leukemia, aplastic anemia, and blood disease. Two kinds of compound which contained inside the strawberry, "strawberry amine" and "tanat acid", have an inhibition effect of aggressive tumor. Beside that, strawberry also have high medical value, lung soaked effect and produced body liquid, strengthen lymph and bilge, smoothen the urine, soothed fever, suitable to stimulate appetite, soothed cough, and many more benefits that can be take.

Eight strawberries or one glass of strawberry pieces only contained 50 calories and don't contained cholesterol or saturated fatty acid. Because of that, people like to make strawberry as a snacks or healthy complement. For the same amount, it also gives 30 microgram (µg) folic acid. This is equal with 7.5% of daily needs folic acid for pregnant mother, which is 400 µg.  Folic acid benefited for preventing neuron tube defection on fetus. Because strawberry gives 94 mg vitamin C, this fruit effectively taking care the children teeth and gum to stay healthy. As well as, the affluent amount of vitamin C could help the wound recovery and increased the immune system against infection.

Beside the fact, that it is rich in vitamins, strawberry is also rich in nutrients that contained amino acid, monosaccharide, citric acid, pectin, calcium, magnesium, phosphor, mineral, etc. The nutrient aspects on strawberry have the beneficial effect to drive children growth. According to dr. Irma Bernadette Simbolon, MD. Head division of Cempaka cosmetic Dermatologist, Cipto Mangun Kusumo Hospital, that if it is considered from medical view, strawberry has beneficial compounds for human being. Strawberry can shrink cholesterol level, helped paralyzed the cancer active works because of the ellagic acid. Strawberry also can muffle stroke symptoms, due to its anti allergic and anti inflammation compounds.

"There're a lot of benefits for the many diseases healing, this fruit also gives a big contribution to beauty world. Concentrate from seven antioxidants that is contained on strawberry is higher than any other fruits and it effectively prevents the body oxidation process due to the free radicals. Strawberry is very effective slower the aging process. " she explained. Vitamin B1, B2, C, and pro-vitamin A on strawberry can soften skin and make the color skin to look brighter, clean, and could prevent face wrinkles to occur.